Solar Powered Car Battery Charger

Solar car battery chargers have swept the market since it was introduced. They’ve been selling like pancakes and everyone seems to want one for their cars- and for a good reason best automotive battery charger.

Solar car battery chargers are one of the most useful pieces of equipment that any car owner should have in their vehicle. Especially if you are fond of parking it out of the door for days or weeks at a time, this equipment can also come in very handy during winter season, when your vehicle’s engine and battery seem to freeze off with the climate. You might have an RV, a ten wheeler, a motorcycle or a boat and it wouldn’t matter. They can be used on cars and other type of vehicles.

A photovoltaic panel is usually included with solar chargers. This panel allows the charger to pick up the sunlight that comes through the vehicle’s windscreen, where these solar battery chargers are commonly placed. Some brands have suction cups that attach the solar panel directly to the inside of your car’s windscreen instead of having it placed on top of your dashboard.

Other types include roof-mounted PV panels that are perfect for roofs of RVs. These roof-mounted solar car battery chargers are also ideal for motor-hoes, trailers and caravans to keep the auxiliary battery charged.

How does it connect to your battery? There are types that run a wire from the PV panel and it goes conveniently directly into the cigarette lighter power socket. Other types have wires that are directly connected to the battery.

Battery regulators are not a requirement for solar car battery chargers. The PV panel’s wattage produces a small amount of current, thus it cannot overcharge your battery. Larger solar panels, like those that are mounted on the roof, needs a charge controller just to make sure that the battery does not get damaged from too much sun.