Stair Lift Operation and Components

There is much more to stair lifts than meets the eye. Here, we provide you a lowdown on all the parts, which make up the ubiquitous stair lift and what shapes its design

Drive Type
There are four different kinds of drives for stair lifts, which are currently available for purchase by consumers. These include:
– Cable: These kinds of drives utilize strong cables made of steel. Such cables are often used in elevators to advance passengers. Compared to many others, these are stronger, safer and cheaper and hence represent good value for money.
– Worm drive: This is a new sort of drive, which provides a quieter, smoother and fluid machine. It resembles a massive screw, which rotates over the teeth.
– Chain: Such drives are typically reserved for the heavy weightage capacity, commonly used for industrial purposes.
– Rack Pinion: These kinds of drives operate based on a gear and tooth system. It encompasses a round shaped gear, which rides along the track teeth. These days, a majority of the stair lifts operate based on such rack pinion drives. However, the newer worm drive is very promising and might change the way stair lifts operate.

Track Or Rail
In such stair lifts, the track is fixed to the stairs. Most of the manufacturers tend to use metal or aluminum but the preference leans towards aluminum. This is because aluminum is light as well as durable. The rails are made up of a hard grade of plastic of lightweight and high durability. The rails mainly comprise hard lightweight, durable plastic or an aluminum variety, which helps to attach the footplates onto the stairs.

The choice of power can be either FC, AC or DC. The AC model will be able to operate from the current household current and can easily be plugged into a grounded outlet. The DC model is usually found on stair lifts, which operate on batteries. The advantage about DC stair lifts is that they continue to operate even in power outages but the drawback is that once the batteries are out, they need replacement. Most people tend to prefer the AC versions of the stair lifts because of the functionality.

Swivel Seat
The swivel seat is used to help the stair lift rotate as well as lock into its place to help users get into and off the seat away from stairs. This is one of the safest options around.

Types Of Swivel Seats
There are two kinds of swivel seats namely:
– Automatic: These styles perform all the work for the user as the user merely needs to hold the switch up and the seat turns as well as locks into place.
– Manual: Such swivel seats need the user to hold down the lever and rotate the seating themselves.